After our last break, we did an outfit change… and re-positioned to another part of the studio, and I kind of shock Tilly by coming in from behind her and drop her instantly into a deep PROGRAM state; where I start instantly by making her very limp, and playing with her arms and hands a bit. Then I introduce a side PROGRAM into her mind, one that starts working from the inside, and creeps its way out. One that slowly takes over and slowly pushes her personality away, leaving herself empty and compliant and totally submissive… one that I can help push faster by holding her hand… and so I bring her out of it.. and we continue our conversation, and she’s none-the-wiser at this point.

And as we talk, I reach over and grab her hand.. and instantly you can see something is happening inside of her. Something great… something wonderful, as you can see her reaching towards her head, her breathing getting heavy, as you can kind of see her fighting it a bit; but eventually giving way to it, and it takes her over and she goes numb, and empty… ready for me to take over. And control….

And as such, I tell her to lift her skirt.. and show us that she’s not wearing any panties.. and then to get naked, and start playing with herself, and masturbate… and she can’t do anything but comply… quite literally amazing.

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