Part One :

The intial programming of vanessa cage. Includes the full in depth trance like programming state where vanessa cage is induced into a deep state of learnability and gullibility.

Welcome vanessa cage, hot blonde porn star that comes to our studios to get trained. In this clip, she is coming out of her initial training and then I perform a deepener and finally freeze her in place. While she’s frozen, I pose her a bit and then remove her shirt and bra exposing her breasts for all to see! When I unfreeze her, she’s shocked that her shirt and bra are gone!

Please Undress
In this clip, vanessa cage is now trained to react to the magic word PLEASE. When I say the word PLEASE she goes completely blank, eyes and mouth parted open.. unable to think or do anything other than listen for my command. Once she hears my command, she will comply instantly without any hesitation. Enjoy watching as we have a normal conversation, and then I say please and her eyes to dark and she’s all mine. I then tell her to start taking off her clothing till she’s completely naked…and I end with a freeze.

RED Freeze
vanessa cage is now programmed with the trigger word RED that initiates an intense orgasm. But for some reason, the RED word doesn’t work entirely as expected… at least not at this moment (watch the future clips for the real effects)… Instead, she feels a weird feeling in her stomach! Interesting, so I switch and put her back in a training state where she’s limp, as I focus on her face, check her eyes, and open her mouth. Then I bring her out, and have her stand up as she is frozen as posed..

In this clip, we have trained vanessa cage to go blank. Where she doesn’t remember anything, and is clueless as to what is what… but during the process, she apparently is super tired and keeps yawning over and over again.. most likely due to my training. And then I ask her where she is, and she says Florida… then I blank her, and ask her the same question, and she thinks and thinks, and finally says HOME… lol; but then I ask her her name, and she thinks again and eventually says vanessa.. interesting reaction. Then she’s put into a training state, limp and lifeless as I pose her a bit.

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