Jordanas Spellbound Beauties – Nurse Feel Good

Nyxon is seeing a new doctor. As soon as she arrives, the office gives her a feel that something isn’t right, but she still proceeds. Instead of the doctor, a nurse comes out and greets her, and goes on to say that she will be starting the check-up… And, before Nyxon can protest, Nurse Feel Good, INJECTS her with a “special” SERUM, that immediately makes her and in a ZOMBIE-LIKE state. Nyxon is then STRIPPED, GROPED and THOROUGHLY EXAMINED, including being checked IN VERY INTIMATE areas, like her ASSHOLE and PUSSY. she complies to all of this, as she is UNDER the entire time. Nurse Feel Good then proceeds to DISCARD ALL OF HER CLOTHES! The nurse then snaps her fingers, and wakes Nyxon up. She is confused and MORTIFIED, and has no idea what has happened! She is so EMBARRASSED that she lost her clothes. She scampers around for a bit demanding answers, and then runs out of the doctors office, completely ASHAMED.

After being drugged via injection she becomes a mindless zombie and is given a full medical

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