Jordanas Spellbound Beauties – The Gift

Jordana comes home to find that her boyfriend (POV) has gotten her special gift. It’s a set of headphones. she immediately puts them on, and he uses his special REMOTE, and she is FROZEN, except being able to move her EYES FROM SIDE TO SIDE. He messes with her now, FREEZING and UNFREEZING her, and she gets mad when she is UNFROZEN. Then, he presses a different button on the remote, and she HAPPILY UNDRESSES.After that, he FREEZES HER, TOUCHING HER BOOBS, lifting her arms up in the air, lying on her back, and with her LEGS SPREAD, up in the air. He also makes her SMILE and PUCKER HER LIPS FROZEN. Each time Jordana unfreezes, she is very angry, but he always freezes her again before she can do anything about it. At the end, he freezes her once more, with the headphones on, and when he unfreezes her, she can’t remember anything that has happened. She smiles and thanks her boyfriend for his wonderful gift of the headphones.

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