Kendra James Superheroine World – Circe Mesmerizes Star Girl feat. Kendra James & Odette Delacroix

Lucy Whitmore has come to the mysterious Circe manor to interview it’s strange and beautiful owner Lady Circe for the school paper. The young girl is actually the super heroine Star Girl and she has come in disguise in order to search for clues as to the whereabouts of a villainess working in the neighborhood. However, unknown to the heroine she has walked right into the lair of the great sorceress Circe. Totally aware of the young girl’s secret identity the powerful witch hatches a plot to capture the heroine and make her a super sex slave. Completely ignorant that her cover has been blown, Lucy continues with her typical boring questions about the amazing mansion and the history of the Circe family. The devious goddess toys with the girl like a cat plays with a mouse answering her questions, the whole time preparing to pounce. Cunningly Circe makes her move by telling the young reporter she bears an uncanny resemblance to the town’s very own super hero Star Girl. Taken back by the question, Lucy tries to recompose herself but it’s too late. The witch has already started to put her under her spell. Circe probes more as the helpless girl tries to resist the insistent host. She is totally shocked by the woman’s hand reaching into her shirt to grab her supple pert breasts. The sorceress mesmerize spell has a hold of the young hero and she is powerless over her sexual desires. Circe coerces the young girl’s body, slowly making her way to the nubile wet pussy hidden between her legs. She rubs hard against little Lucy’s tight panties. Delighted by the idea of having her very own super slut the evil goddess fondles the young hero’s pussy from outside her panties then works her way up to expose her small supple tits. Lucy moans in pleasure as she experiences these new feelings. Circe slowly inserts her fingers deep into the tiny pussy that explodes with the young girls juices. The mesmerized hero is in pure ecstasy as the powerful woman licks and sucks on her virgin like pussy. Amused by her hold over the hero, Circe progresses with her plan of having her own sex toy. She commands her new slave to reveal herself and change into Star Girl.

The Evil sorceress Circe has Star Girl under her spell. The young helpless hero has lost all free will and cannot stop the devious witch from having her way. The evil siren starts by making the young girl transform into her super hero form of Star Girl. Overwhelmed by the rush of pleasure, Star girl opens herself to the soft experiences of the finger now entering her pussy. Cercie slides her fingers deep in and out making the beautiful young heroine’s soft pink lips drip with warm sweet nectar. Amused by her control, Cercie decides she should test her new slaves pussy eating abilities. She lies back on the couch spreading her mythical golden cunt in anticipation of the young heroes tongue that quivers with the excitement and zealous only the innocent have. The blond vixen is quick to dive deep into the waiting pussy sucking and licking as if she where a school girl with an ice cream cone. Surprised by the heroes skills the witch arches in pleasure enjoying the thorough pussy licking she is receiving. Wanting to receive and get pleasure at the same time the two transition into a pleasuring 69 position creating a good vs evil yin and yang. They both suck at each other wet pussies with their tongues taking in every bit of glistening juice dripping out.

Satisfied by the young heros pussy eating abilities Circe now wants to see how much the tiny heros pussy can take so she conjures up the largest dildo she has. Wanting to please her new mistress Star girl takes the long penis deep into her throat sucking at it and swallowing every inch of it, lubing it up with her own spit as her sweet pussy yerns for the massive phallis. Always knowing when it’s time and when your victim is wanting it most is something the Iconic witch knows very well and with that she turns the eager super hero around and rams her long red cock deep into Star Girls quivering pussy. As the evil witches long cock goes deeper into the young girl she hears an orgasmic moan. Circe is relentless in pounding the virginal girls small cunt until the little girl can take no more and Star Girl explodes with ecstasy as she orgasms. The fate of the once aspiring hero is now sealed as she and the evil Witch queen rub their dripping pussies together forming a spider web of sweet and pussy juice!

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