Kendra James Superheroine World – Wonder Girl Gets Her Revenge feat. Casey Calvert

The last trick Circe played on Wonder Girl was leaving her in a frozen lust spell in her own office for her next appointment to find while Circe herself transported back to her lair to watch from her magic mirror. Eventually the spell wears off and Wonder Girl regains control of her own body, furious the evil witch was able to ambush her. She tracks Circe to her lair vowing revenge. This time the heroine is more prepared for the villainesses charms and as the two face off, Circe throws mind control spells at her and Wonder Girl repels them with her bracelets. A freeze spell reflects off the super heroes wrist and bounces back at Circe herself making her motionless and mindless. It seems the tables have turned and Circe is getting a dose of her own medicine! Wonder Girl can’t believe her luck, waving her hand in front of Circe’s blank stare and motionless body. She has an idea to teach the evil villain a lesson.

Circe awakes to find herself a captive in her own lair, her wrists and ankles are restrained and her beautiful dress has been turned to that of a slave girl. The sorceress demands to be set free, but Wonder Girl has another idea, she’s going to sexually dominate the villain just like Circe did to her. She pulls out Circe’s tits and forces her legs apart making her even more vulnerable before producing a vibrator to tease the witch with. Wonder Girl has revenge in her eyes as she presses the Hitachi on Circe’s exposed clit. The villain moans in pleasure, her pussy getting wet and gives in to the orgasm the heroine is forcing on her. She cums over and over again until she’s almost too weak to hold herself up. Only now does the superheroine take her down from the bondage and bend her over to use a huge strap on cock on her dripping sensitive pussy. She fucks the villain doggy style, making her arch her back and thrust out her cunt. Circe gets fucked silly by the revenge crazed heroine and finally slumps to the floor totally defeated. Wonder Girl shoves the strap on into the villain’s mouth making her suck off her own juices. Circe is defeated and powerless and at the mercy of the superheroine who still isn’t done with her. Wonder Girl parts her legs and scissors the powerless witch, rubbing their pussies together and forcing another orgasm from Circe’s sensitive, used clit. As they grind pussies, Circe slowly regains control. It seems pussy on pussy grinding is transferring the sexual power back to the sorceress. She fucks Wonder Girl harder, forcing an orgasm on the heroine who’s lost in pleasure. Soon Wonder Girl collapses in orgasm as a rejuvenated Circe rises up. The sorceress takes advantage of the situation and climbs on top of the weakening superhero, sitting on her face and and putting her in a 69. Wonder Girl protests, but she’s now too weak to stop the villainess who rides her face and licks her pussy to another mind shattering orgasm and finally regaining full control over the now powerless hero!

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