Liberty Star's Ultimate Defeat - Primal's Darkside

Liberty Star Dominated and Devoured – Liberty Star is in her dorm room working hard on her term paper. A message comes in that many superheroines have gone missing. Putting her academics aside she rushes into action. Far below ground she explores an odd cave and finds herself confronted by a feral panther woman that confesses to having eaten the missing superheroines. Liberty Star is horrified but before she can act she is mesmerized by the captivating eyes of the dangerous predator facing her. the Panther Woman explains how she plans to eat LS but not before taking her pleasures. After making the mesmerized supeheroine worship her pussy PW sinks her teeth deep into the back of LS’s neck, putting her out..

LS wakes and finds PW wearing a strap-on. PW explains how she is going to fuck the young heroine. LS leaps to attack but a savage roar from PW takes all of LS courage and strength. PW’s bite has utterly dominated the superheroine and she cannot summon the will to resist.. PW forces LS to suck her strap-on before fucking her mercilessly. After LS is pounded and exhausted PW bites her again putting her totally out and then carrying her limp body to the bed.

LS wakes up stripped nude and paralyzed. PW bites and taunts LS deciding what part she wants to eat first. LS struggles but cannon move. PW tells her she loves the way her meat tastes after it has been forced to cum over and over, and then uses her powerful tongue to make LS do just that. LS tries to resist but PW tongue is more than she can take and she shivers and moans one orgasm after another, sobbing as she cries out, “No no I am cumming again!” because she knows she is bringing on her own doom. Finally PW is tired of playing cat and mouse and sinks her teeth into LS’ neck.

Liberty Star Submits to the Warlock – The Bite of the Panther Woman has knocked Liberty Star out completely. The dark cat creature whispers that her master will be waiting for her in her dreams. LS finds herself walking in mist filled darkness and is then confronted by an ominous robed man. He names himself the Warlock tells her he is in her her dreams and despite her efforts to fight him he takes control of her. She is forced to dance for him, and to make herself cum for his amusement. She fights and resists but is commanded to her knees where she must suck his cock, taking it all the way down her throat. Then the Warlock makes her spread her legs and take a hard fucking until is is shamefully cumming despite he desires to resist. Warlock now tells her that he will be able to control her forever now

Liberty Star is now a slave and must dance for the amusement of the Warlock and his pet panther. She cannot help but be submissive and once her incredibly sensual movements have filled her captors with desire they use her for their pleasure all over again.

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