Liza K – Compilation Scientific Transformation

In the first scene, our sexy girl believe that if she swallows sperm she will get smarter, and so she figures that the smarter the guy, the smarter she will be. So she decides she is going to blow her nerd friend which she begs to do, and eventually he allows her too. After she swallows, she turns into nerdy girl. She now just wants to study, and he wishes to change her back, so long story sped up, he calls in another nerdy girl and explains what happened, and how he intends to fix it. They proceed to jack him off into a glass, mix in some herbs and spices to help return her to normal. After she drinks it, she transforms into her prior self. They both then make the 2nd girl drink it and she turns into a sexy girl. It ends as they are cheering about having a party.

Scene 2 starts off nerdy girl doing experiments, and a sexy blonde walks in. She is bullying the nerdy girl, when her BF walks in wanting drugs from her. After they leave with what they wanted, nerdy girl is sad, and wants to be beautiful like them. So she make a formula and sprays herself, and voila, she is transformed into a sexy girl now. The first girl returns and wonders who this transformed girl is. In her new form, she convinces the first girl she is a co-worker, leaves the room for a moment and returns with an item her old self was working that can improve your hair. She convinces the blonde to try it on, and then she has control of her. She has her walk around like a robot chanting to her. She then strips her and next we see her bent over naked and barking. The blondes boyfriend arrives, and our transformed girls explains that she is Tia’s cousin. She seduces him, and as they start to kiss, she starts to transform back to her original self. Scene ends there.

Scene 3 begins with our hero opening a box as an inheritance from his grandfather. In it he finds some money, sunglasses and a note. He says he has some money, so he is going to drink. Cut to a few hours later and he is passed out on the couch and he realizes he is late for a meeting and hung over. The bright sunlight is bothering him, the girls won’t close the window, so he puts on the glasses. Suddenly the girls before him transform into sexy girls in their underwear and begin to remove their bras and play with their tits. He takes off the glasses, and they revert to the way they were before. Now when he puts on the glasses, they transform again, with their tops off this time and talking how they are bad girls. The get up and begin to dance beside him, touching him, and asking to be spanked wearing only their panties. He takes the glasses off again they return to normal, and want to continue the presentation over on the couch. As they are walking towards the couch, he puts on the glasses and half naked again. The both sit on the couch and begin to play with themselves. Soon they are sucking his simulated cock together. He takes off the glasses yet again, and they return to normal. This time while the blonde is bent over the coffee table, he puts the glasses back on. Now they are naked, with the brunette playing with herself on the couch, while the blonde gyrates on the coffee table. He gets behind her and fucks her doggy style, then they switch up, with the blonde on the couch playing with herself, while the brunette fucks him on his lap. This switch to him fucking the blonde standing up, while the brunette is bent over doggy style playing with herself.

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