Liza K – Forced Bosses to have Sex

Scene starts off with 2 bosses sitting at a table, and our hero speaking with them. He gets frustrated when it is time to leave, and they tell him he can’t leave until his work is done. He takes control of them, freezing them on the spot. He orders them to strip to their underwear, then has them walk and crawl around. He then has one bend over while he fucks her from behind, while the other strips completely and plays with herself. While he is fucking the other girl, he has her lick the breasts of the masterbater.

Then he switches it up, and has the other remove her panties and masterbate while he fucks the other girl up against the wall. He switches again back to the first girl having her ride him while he is seated. Back to the other girl while he fucks her standing up and her straddling him. He then has them on their knees while he cums [fake] on their chests.

He then has them change into servers and get him lunch. He has them dance for him while he is on the phone, and feels them up. When he is off the phone, they feed him lunch.

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