This time our hero enters the apt of a Mother and Daughter. He introduces himself, and then puts them in a trance. Grabbing each of their heads, he begins to program them. Part of the programing is that they will continue on as normal but will not be aware of him. Throughout the video, he puts them in a trance giving them different suggestions, like mother daughter role reversal, whispering commands in their ears as they continue. The processes to the girls stripping, making out with each other, fingering their pussies. He then trances them, and tells them when they awake, the will no longer be attracted to each other and actually wrestle and slap each other. Again with the trance, and when they awake this time, mom is a pony and daughter greets, the rides her like a pony. Last trance, and he has them wake up wondering what is going on.

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