The movie starts off with our hero studying with 2 girls that treat him like crap. Suddenly he hears the voice of his great great great great great grandfather telling him that he wants to give him a gift. Making him a sex megabomb, allow him to fuck any chics that he wants and he can start with the 2 he is with. He starts off with them being frozen, and the voice tells him to touch them. Which of course he does, then lowers their bras and tops and feels their titties. He then has them stand up and then bends them over to feel their sexy bodies. He then has them hug each other and walk around. Then he has them stick out their tongues. He then has one girl massage him, while the other sucks his fake cock. He then has the other girl suck him, while the first girl plays with herself. He switches it up and fucks the first girl doggy style, while the second one plays with herself. We switch again while the second girls rides him cowgirl, and other girl masterbates. He has them completely naked, then has them bend over on the couch, while he cums on their asses.

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