ludella hahn – Brainwashing the Gym Bitch

Ludella has late night private use of the area gym that she has specially paid for, which she makes good use of, working her legs and butt on various machines…until POV arrives, much to her chagrin. “Uh, who are you? I have private use of this gym. You shouldn’t be here.” She starts to realize that he looks familiar, but as she continues to go off on him, her pulls out a device that emits a wavelength that takes over her brain and immediately falls into a blank stared trance. Red swirls form in her eyes as she submits control. “Yes, you are Master. I must obey.” She follows her orders to walk around like a zombie with her hands in front repeating mantras of his control. Then he has her strip out of her workout clothes, knee high socks, and sneakers to be completely naked. “Yes, Master. These are your tits now.” POV plays with her big tits before ordering her to act like a dog. Then she goes down to the floor and crawls around on her hands and knees, wagging her tail, completely ready for Master’s orders, happy to please. He pets her head and she licks him. But as she’s crawling around, wagging, he snaps her out of the trance, just to mess with her. She’s horrified and embarrassed to find herself butt naked on the floor in front of this guy. “What did you do?” She grabs her clothes and holds them in front of herself to hide, but soon her embarrassment switches back to bitchiness as she realizes who POV is…he’s been following her around for weeks. She starts to tell him off again, but he snaps her back in the trance. “Yes, Master.” She goes into slave position, ready to serve, and then bows to her Master. He orders her to assume the position on the “Butt Blaster” workout machine. How appropriate. He grabs her big butt and strokes his haands over her curves. “Yes, Master. I am ready for you.”

Clip Includes: POV, Gym, Working out, Brainwashing, Stuck-up Snob to Controlled Plaything, Magic Control, Transformation, Sneakers, Ponytail, Zombie Walk, Blank Stares, Mantras, Mindless Stares, Stripping, Panting Like a D0G and Wagging Tail, Licking, Woman Following Orders, Female Training, Erotic Magic, Real Doll, Trance, Entranced, Boob Groping, Big Butt, Big Tits, Tit Play, Groping, Obedient Slave, Snapped out of Trance, Embarrassment, ENF, then gets bitchy again, Put under trance again, Posed doggy style on Butt Blaster machine, Redhead, Ludella Hahn.

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  • Jordan 3 years ago

    Having problems with the new video streaming program, vidlox. I have an inability to watch the videos and most download links for those videos lead to nothing.

    • Fetishman 3 years ago

      all videos are working fine issue is your side, you should disable ad blocker on your browser or change your browser, that is it ( i know this player works with ucbrowser if you disable ads blocker)