Ludella Hahn – Butt Succubus

Ludella is a very naive girl with a BIG BOOTY who doesn’t realize she’s wearing a THONG as shorts. She accidentally broke the window of her elderly neighbor Witch Hazel (who happens to be an actual witch) and is paying off her debt by doing housework for her. Little does she know that Hazel is an actual witch with a dark objective. You see, she wants to drain Ludella’s life source through her BIG BOOTY so that she may become young again. As old and fragile as she currently is, she has a hard time getting her hands on Ludella while she does various chores, so she decides to admire her big butt in the various positions she’s in while cleaning. (Lots and lots of shots of Ludella’s big butt wiggling and moving while she cleans!) The witch plays a few tricks to get a closer look, like dropping her magazines multiple times for Ludella to bend over and pick up so she can drool over her juicy booty. Finally she decides that she is just too weak and if she doesn’t drain Ludella soon, it will be the end of her. Ludella notices the time and says she should be going but has one day left to work off her debt so she’ll be back tomorrow. Witch Hazel asks for a hug before she goes, and the ditzy Ludella agrees, helping Witch Hazel off the couch, but her hands SLAP Ludella’s butt, grabbing onto it. The surge of energy from draining makes her hands glow. Ludella has no idea what’s happening, but she feels weak and goes limp in the witch’s arms, swaying and rolling her head and eyes. “I feel…funny…” The witch laughs evilly. “More! More! I can feel it! The power of the booty! The life flowing into me!” Ludella’s words and sentences turn to sleepy talk, barely understandable. The witch continues to grope her…until Ludella’s phone rings, jolting her into a state of consciousness. She breaks away from the witch to check it. Not sure what has happened, she leaves confused and frazzled, saying she’ll be back tomorrow. The witch is crazed with power and life. She stares at her hands and with a spark of magic, she’s transformed into a younger version of herself. Her white hair turns brown and her boobs perk up and grow larger. She is no longer weak and she’s able to see whithout her glasses. Imagine if she could get more!The next day, Ludella is a little more cautious of the witch, stepping away quickly when she tries to touch her. “You look…different…” She notices, but she gets right to work, reminding the witch that she’ll be finished paying off her debt that night. But the witch is far too hungry with power, and as soon as Ludella is not looking she grabs onto her big butt. Her hands glow again, but this time the glow is more powerful, just as she is. “Please stop!” Ludella begs. “You don’t want me to d ie do you?” “Well, no…” “Then let me drain you.” “Okay…but just take a little.” Ludella agrees. Straddled on the witch’s lap, Ludella’s big booty is slapped, jiggled, and groped by the witch, who drains and drains her. Ludella’s eyes roll and her body collapses. When her phone rings, she’s too weak to notice. After a good long draining with many pans and angles, Ludella is left limp, laying on the couch ass up, drooling and rolling her eyes, and the witch cackles. She’ll have her way with the weak girl, whenever she wants.

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