Ludella Hahn - Charming a Cheerleade - Bratty Stepsister Humiliated & Brainwashed

Ludella Hahn – Charming a Cheerleader – Bratty Stepsister Humiliated & Brainwashed

He’s always had a thing for his stepsister’s hot cheerleader body, but she’s a complete bitch. She catches him sniffing her worn panties, even though he quickly tries to hide them. She snatches them away from his and is completely repulsed. “Ugh. You are such a pervert loser. Just you being in this house decreases its value. I wish mom never married your dad. Now get out.”POV pulls out a strange talisman, which irritates her more. “You and your stupid magic tricks. You’re never going to be the next Houdini. The tricks you do are worse than what a two year old could pull off.” But POV promises he’ll never come into her room again if she just lets him do one “trick.” He wants to entrance her. “Yeah, fine, whatever. I’ll give you two seconds to try to mesmerize me and then you’re OUT.” She’s being completely uncooperative, making fun of him and taunting him for his technique, but she finally humors him and stares into the swinging talisman. Soon her eyes begin to roll and her body leans forward toward it, going limp, her eyes close and her head falls forward. At his command, she opens her eyes and stares blankly ahead while he begins putting her into his control. Red swirls appear in her eyes while she repeats mantras of his control. “You are now Master. I will hear, and I’ll obey. When you snap your fingers, I’ll return to normal, but I must obey all that you say.” He snaps his fingers and she wakes. Not realizing that anything has happened, she begins taunting him again for being such a loser who can’t do anything right. She picks up her pom poms and tells him to get out so she can go to cheer practice, but he suggests she do a naughty cheer for him. “Yeah, right, like I’d ever…” But her body begins shaking her pom poms and she starts saying a naughty cheer for him. When she’s done she squeals in horror, “I would never say that. That’s not even a real cheer!” But he has her do another one that lands her on the ground in doggy style. She quickly gets up, pulling her skirt back down, horrified. He then tells her to cluck like a chicken. Her body betrays her no matter how much she tries to fight it. She goes back and forth from blank stares while clucking to looking at him in anger. “Stop looking at me like that!” Finally, she’s able to lower her “wings” after struggling for a while. “Ha!” She points at him. “My will is too strong for you! In fact, I was just faking all that…to…make you feel like less of a loser for a second. Now get the hell out of my room, loser! No, I will not look into your stupid dollar store necklace again…” But she’s drawn back into it, and this time he puts her into an entranced and obedient state for good. As much fun as it was to humiliate her, he wants her compliant now…completely in his command.He has her walk for him with her hands in front repeating mantras of his control, then he has her lift up her top to show off her HUGE TITS so he can grope them. He has her get on the floor and crawl around like a d0g, panting with her tongue out and wagging her tail. She approaches her Master to give him some licks. Now he really wants his way with his new toy, so he has her show off her ass to him, pulling her cheer panties up to show off her BIG BUTT. He strokes her big ass, sliding his fingers under her panties. She’s completely his now. He’ll do everything he wants with

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