Ludella Hahn - Erotic Vampire Hotel Seducing Tara
Another victim in my “Erotic Vampire Hotel” series. This time, it’s the brunette girl-next-door Tara Tied. When a vampire is very hungry, a hotel is like a buffet, and this buffet happens to be at FetishCon. In this episode, the vampire Ludella stalks Tara in the halls. The vampire uses her powers to mesmerize Tara. In a trance, Tara repeats the vampire’s commands and invites her to her room. The vampire takes the invitation gladly. Once she is in the room, the vampire Ludella strips out of her trench coat to reveal a lingerie set that shows off her milky white curves: a red & black bra and panty set with a black garterbelt and black stockings. Ludella makes Tara prove she is under her spell by having her walk back and forth with her hands in front of her repeating, “I am under your control. I will do whatever you want.” She has Tara take her shirt and bra off so she can play with her supple breasts. Then she removes her own bra so that they can both play with their perky succulent breasts together. Ludella caresses her prey, to help get the flowing. She runs her hands all over her victim’s body, teasing and tantalizing, arching her back and inhaling the sweet smell of her victim. She has her lay down and she mounts her. Tara is begging the vampire to take her. “Please take me now! I’m ready!” Finally the vampire can wait no longer. She is too hungry. The need to feed is too strong and she needs to sink her teeth into Tara’s neck in her wild passion. She drinks and drinks, writhing with pleasure while Tara moans in ecstasy. At climax, when she is mostly drained, the vampire lets go of the victim’s neck, licking her lips and fangs in satisfaction and pans over her victim’s limp body. She’s ready for her next victim at the Erotic Vampire Hotel. Who will it be?

This clip includes: Vampires, Mesmerizing, Brainwashing, Magic Control, Forced Lesbian, Tit Play, Limp Fetish, Supernatural, Lingerie, Curves, CONTAINS NUDITY

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