You just bought a new app for your phone that is supposed to control the reality around you. You’re skeptical of it really working, so you decide to do a test on your bitchy stepsister. You enter a command for the remote to give her a wedgie, then press the “Execute Command” button.When she enters the room bitching at you again, she has a HUGE WEDGIE with her white Hanes underwear sticking out of her blue jeans. She’s oblivious to this embarrassing issue though and continues to make fun of you for being such a loser and bitches you out about how gross you are. Perhaps this was just a coincidence, but it’s hilarious, so you decide to try another command. You make the remote unzip her pants. It takes her a little while to notice and you can tell she gets a little embarrassed by it since she’s the one calling you a loser and yet her fly was unzipped in front of you. There’s a sense of satisfaction getting some kind of revenge on her for being such a bitch, so you make it happen a couple more times during her serious rant. “What the…ugh, this has never happened before,” she says zipping them up again, trying to retain some dignity. You then decide to have her show off her butt for you in her tight jeans. She’s ranting at you all while going through the motions that you’ve commanded. It’s funny that she doesn’t notice…but when she finally does, she’s bent over with her butt facing you. Completely confused and embarrassed, she makes up some excuse about picking something up off the ground. She would NEVER show her butt to you. How gross! You’re more convinced of the remote’s abilities now, and decide to test it out on another level. You enter a command to make Ludella’s boobs grow bigger, and you watch her BOOBS INFLATE right before your eyes, growing into MASSIVE TITS. She doesn’t notice though and she continue to bitch at you. At least you have something to look at now. But…it would be nice to have a better look. You enter a command for her to strip down to her bra and panties. She strips for you, again oblivious of what she’s doing until she’s standing there in her underwear touching her tits…and boy is she humiliated when she notices. “What is going on here? And why are my boobs so huge?” There’s concern and some fear in her voice now, but you’re just getting started. This is too fun. You have complete control over your bitch of a stepsister…right at your fingertips. You make her pose for you and show off her curvy body. She’s slowly slipping into a trance as she does, but keeps snapping back to reality, though she’s unable to stop obeying your commands. She can’t even fight it. Finally, you decide you want to keep her in a submissive state. She’ll pay for being such a bitch. You’ll make her your slave, and then she has to do EVERYTHING you want. EVERYTHING. Hooray for technology.

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