Ludella Hahn – Frozen by the fire

Ludella has rented a cabin in the woods for a relaxing weekend cozy by the fire, but POV has other plans. He’s followed her here and knows she’s all alone, which makes it much easier to use his special freezing magic to make her into his personal doll. He barges right in…she’s in the middle of nowhere and the door isn’t locked… She’s slow to panic at first thinking he might work there, but realizes soon that he’s not in uniform and tells him to leave or she’ll call the authorities. He waves his hand in front of her, freezing her instantly. Her eyes go blank and glossy. She’s wearing a sweater, leggings, and socks to keep cozy, but she won’t be needing those now.

He touches her curvaceous figure and begins stripping her–unzipping her sweater and exposing her big tits. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Hmm. He then poses and manipulates her limbs, pushing her onto the sofa, her body falling back stiff as a board. He peels off her socks, revealing her red pedicure, then he flips her over and pulls down her leggings to reveal her big butt. Of course she has no panties on either.

He plays with her naked body, putting her in strange poses and admiring his new doll. All his. He decides to make her aware for a moment, so he unfreezes her. She blinks her eyes, becoming aware and panics, grabbing her sweater and covering herself when she sees she’s standing there fully naked. “What happened? Who…are…get out! Get out! Do you know who I am? You’re going to jail for a long—” FREEZE. Again her eyes go blank and glassy. He removes the weater she was clutching in front of her to reveal her naked body yet again, then he poses his doll in doggystyle over the couch and unzips his pants. A cozy weekend in the cabin, just him and his new doll… How romantic…

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