Ludella Hahn - Hahnny Quinns Brainwashed Bat

When Batgurl escaped, Hahnny set a plan in motion. Knowing her secret identity of Babs Gordon, Hahnny hacks into her home computer with a brainwashing spiral that will mesmerize and entrance her.

She tries to fight it, but she is forced to do all the humiliating things Hahnny makes her do for kicks. She forces her to strip out of her librarian clothes, grope her tits, do a sexy dance completely NAKED, act like a cat. It’s humiliating! Unfortunately the magic is too strong and in spite of her efforts to fight it, the brainwashing is already taking effect as Hahnny goes through the steps.

The next step is a package at Babs’ door with a uniform much like Hahnny’s along with makeup for her to put on to TRANSFORM her into a villain. Hahnny is doing all this as a gift for her puddin’ to get Babs off his scent by making her evil (unaware that he’s already brainwashed her before in the episode “The Jokester’s New Trick: Brainwashed Batgurl”). Once Babs is fully dressed as a Hahnny Quinn clone complete with pigtails, she is forced to look back into the spiral where she’s taken deeper.

The spiral swirls in her eyes and now her eyes bear the spiral mark of a brainwashed slave. Hahnny has her repeat mantras “I am a brainwashed bat. I am Hahnny’s H**no slave” while walking around with her hands in front of her, mindless and entranced. Babs must do dances and grope herself as well to prove she’s fully under. She barely blinks. She’s like a mindless robot.

Hahnny activates the next step. The swirls disappear; the brainwashing is complete. Babs is now evil. She’s now chaos. She’s now Barbie Quinn.

Will she be able to be saved? Will she break out of the trance? Is Batgurl gone forever?

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