Ludella Hahn – How the Grinch Froze Xmas

Twas the night before Xmas, and all through the house…Ludella Hahn was super excited for Christmas. She puts out the milk and cookies for Santa and starts to read “The Night Before Christmas” when she falls asleep. But it’s not Santa that comes down her Chimney…it’s the Grinch! He eats Santa’s cookies and steals the presents from under the tree. When Ludella wakes up, the Grinch (POV) decides to use some magic FREEZE crystals on Ludella. She’s frozen STIFF mid-sentence with her eyes WIDE OPEN confronting the Grinch. He GROPES her breasts and manipulates her limbs before he starts to strip her down. First her apron, then her dress, pulling it just down to her cleavage like a tease. He removes her ruby slippers and knee high SOCKS, then he finally pulls off the dress, revealing her BIG TITS. He poses her almost nude body, bending her over and groping and squeezing her BIG BUTT. He puts a candy cane in her mouth like a BITGAG, then he removes her panties leaving her fully exposed. He snaps his fingers to remove the freezing spell. When she comes to, she’s EMBARRASSED to discover her clothes are missing. She quickly hides herself and starts to tell off the Grinch for being NAUGHTY. But he snaps again and she’s again FROZEN like a STATUE. He gropes and manipulates her some more, deciding to take her with him as his PRIZE. He puts her in his sack and takes the frozen girl with him…and that’s how the Grinch Froze Xmas.

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