Ludella Hahn - Jokesters new Trick Brainwashed Batgirl
Babs Gordon is to play the bait in The Jokester’s new scheme to draw Commissioner Gordon. He breaks into her apartment while she’s sleeping and puts his hand over her mouth to keep her hushed. Babs wakes to find him there, but before she has time to think or react like Batgurl, he gasses her with his cane to put her out. She wakes to find herself in a straitjacket. She tries to dial the phone using her feet, but she’s gagged and can’t properly speak. The Jokester returns to put her under his spell. When she wakes, she is unaware that she has been placed under a trance that is triggered by the Joker Card. She makes her way to her utility belt and is able to get free. She suits up and becomes Batgurl and heroically and defiantly tells him off, but she sees the card in his hat and is triggered into submission. Her mind is defiant, but she can’t help from following his orders and commands. The Jokester decides to have some fun completely humiliating the superheroine by ordering her to do any twisted thing he pleases. She tries hard to fight it, but the mesmerization is too strong and she completes each humiliating task fighting it along the way from forced tit play, foot play, crawling, barking like a dog, and forced stripping. He forces her to strip out of her Batsuit and gasses her to KO. When she wakes, she finds herself in leather straps and struggles, but he comes back and gags her, and adds some further humiliation by leaving his calling card with a nice big lipstick smile, marking her as his new slave.

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