Ludella Hahn – Ludella Mesmerized Into the Vampire Anastasia’s Pet

Mistress Anastasia is a curvaceous vampire who has been living in a castle in the hills for many years. She seeks companionship by putting out ads for “an assistant,” and if the applicant is desirable, she will turn them into an obedient pet to satisfy her hunger and her needs. Ludella is applying for the position, unaware of her potential employer being a vampire, of course, which is why she’s so perplexed by Anastasia’s questions for her.

Being a valley girl type who is seeking an easy job, she gets weirded out by Anastasia and decides the position isn’t for her, thanking her for her time as she goes to leave, but Anastasia uses her vampire charms to put her into a trance, where she’ll be much more open to Anastasia’s requests. Though staring blankly, Ludella responds obediently to her Mistress’ commands, walking like a zombie with her hands in front of her, stripping completely naked, and presenting herself like a slab of meat on the table.

Anastasia climbs on top of her prey and deeply inhales her delicious scent. “I like to play with my pets.” She says, caressing and playing with Ludella’s breasts. She then has Ludella play with her HUGE TITS. But Anastasia’s hunger is too strong and is becoming greatly enhanced by the rising heartbeat of her prey. Soon, she can’t contain herself, and she sinks her teeth in Ludella’s neck, drinking her delicious life source. She will not drain her for she wants to keep her around for a bit, but she does cause the girl to moan more and more to a climax from the pleasurable pain of a vampire’s drain.

Ludella falls limp and moans softly as Anastasia releases her, wiping a dribble of red from her lips. Being a delicious food supply, Anastasia decides to keep her on as her “assistant.” She orders the girl to clean herself up and get to work. SNAP. “Yes, Mistress. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I just feel a little weak…!” She runs off limply but obediently, leaving Anastasia smiling and satisfied with her newest pet.

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  • hypnoperv 3 years ago

    when you changed your player my browser plugins couldn’t download the videos anymore.

    I assume you don’t have any issues against it since you do provide download links yourself, but they are often removed from openload within a week.

    Any solutions?

    • Fetishman 3 years ago

      i am so sorry man, actually for now we put two different player for each post. do you have problem with both of them? we’ll try a new player for next a few days

  • hypnoperv 3 years ago

    jwplayer 7.7.1 doesn’t seem to let me download *properly* i have to record it as if it were a livestream and it results in a frame-skipping choppy video.

    The allvid player seems to play nice.

    (note: i commented on this because it was the latest video and i thought it was more likely that someone sees my comment, i was actually trying to download a different one)

    • Fetishman 3 years ago

      i understand man, i am so sorry for any inconvenience, we can’t do any help for old clips, we don’t have time for re-up them

  • How are you able to do this with out being sued by these companies?? Man if they catch you, you can probably go to jail.

    • Fetishman 3 years ago

      we believe to freedom speech, there are bunch of people out there who can’t pay their bills so how can they satisfy their fantasies ? actually we act like Rabin Hood