Ludella Hahn - Nerdy to Dirty Transformation: She-Mask Sequel

Nerdy girl Ludella is back to her nerdy frumpy self engrossed in a book on translations of Catullus when the phone rings, which is quite odd since her phone never rings. Surprised, she answers it.”Hello? Who did you want to talk to? Me? Why would a popular boy from school want to talk to me? GASP! What? You want me to do what? You want me to put my mouth where? I’m not that kind of girl!!”Practically in tears from how humiliated she feels to discover what the popular boys tell her she did to them at the party and what they want her to do to them at tonight’s party, she hangs up the phone and marches to where she hid THE MASK. “You stupid thing! Now everyone thinks I’m some kind of whore because of you!”She tries to throw it out, but when she touches it, her heart beats faster. “What was that? That feels so good.” She moans in delight, touching it again. “Well, it can’t hurt to try it just one more time. It feels too good to resist.” This time she puts the mask on willingly, knowing what it will do to her. The mask disappears to reveal a sexier woman with bright pink lipstick, but because her clothes haven’t changed, she doesn’t think the mask worked anymore. The phone rings again and it’s the same group of boys on the line. Having been transformed, she flirts with them, teasing with her words as to what she’d do. She tells them she’s too much for them to handle. “Why don’t you come over here instead and I’ll show you just how wild I can be.” She says seductively, while caressing herself, getting off on the game. Everything feels amazing. Her frumpy clothes transformed into lingerie while she was on the phone and she can’t stop touching herself.I”I could get used to feeling this sexy all the time.”She caresses herself all over, swaying her hips, her tongue tracing her lips. The doorbell rings. “That was fast. I guess he hurried. Well, let’s get this little party started.

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