Ludella Hahn – Oops I Brainwashed Myself

Ludella plays a nerdy feminist who has been paired with a sleazeball for a group assignment at school. She shows up at his house, already hating that she has to work with him, but gets extra peeved when he just keeps making sexist remarks about her BIG TITS under her sweater. She decides that she needs to teach him to get in touch with his more feminine side and decides she’ll try to h.ypn0tize him with her necklace. She tells him it’s for another assignment and asks if she can try it on him, but he thinks it’s stupid and says no. She tries to bargain with him offering to do the whole assignment herself and give him credit. He says he wants to see her tits, too. She begrudgingly agrees. Unfortunately she has no experience and ends up putting herself into a trance instead. She stands with her eyes wide and blank and arms out in front of her. He waves in front of her face and she doesn’t blink. Then he asks what’s going on, and she truthfully tells him what she was trying to do. He gets pissed and decides to take advantage of the situation with her in the trance. He tells her that when she wakes her body will obey all his commands. Then he snaps his fingers. She has no idea what happened. He tells her to play with her tits. “Why would I ever…GASP! What’s happening? Why are my hands doing this? Make it stop!” She can’t control her hands as they play with her big tits in her sweater. Then he has her show off her butt and spank herself for him. She keeps obeying all of his commands even though she tries not to. “I’ve never heard of it backfiring! This is so humiliating…” He has her pull up her sweater and play with her tits, then take off her glasses and strip down to her panties. She does a striptease against her wishes. He has her crawl around for his amusement. And finally reminds her of the other part of the deal…doing the assignment herself. “That was if you were entranced! This wasn’t supposed to happen this way!” He makes her do the whole assignment while wiggling her butt back and forth in the doggystyle position. After watching for a while, he leaves to play videogames. She’s pissed, but can’t disobey. He orders her to crawl into his room and put on a maid outfit he prepared. The scene reopens with her entering the room in a sexy maid’s outfit with corset, stockings, and NO PANTIES. She is bringing him a sandwich…and is being snooty about it because she’s pissed. He makes her shake her ass and do a sexy dance for him. She can’t make it stop. She keeps shaking her butt. Then he has her clean the room with plenty of bending over and shaking her butt. “This isn’t the real world! Maids don’t clean this way…” She’s pissed that she was trying to make him less of a pervert and because of it backfiring, she’s just enabled him to be worse. He has her crawl around she he can be plenty of angles of her curvy body, and even though he’s ordered her to gag herself with her feather duster, she continues to complain about how degrading this all is. He gets sick of her yapping and puts her back into a trance. As soon as he snaps his fingers her expression changes from angry to blank and wide-eyed with arms out in front. He has the new entranced Ludella walk around for him in the zombie style and refer to him as Master. “Yes, Master. I hear and I obey.” He has her continue to clean in the way that he likes, with plenty of ass shaking. He then has her crawl around for a while and then crawl to him so he can try his hand at the brainwashing and reprogram her personality into something more appealing. When he’s done, she’s been transformed into a complete SEX BIMBO. And she’s so horny. The idea of pleasing him gets her so hot. She says she can’t believe she’s still a virgin because of how horny she is. She poses for some sexy photos for him to send to all his friends, and showing off her body, says she’ll do everything to please him. Then she goes to the bedroom to wait for him butt naked.

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