Ludella Hahn – Photographer Turns Models into Obedient Brainwashed Slaves

Ludella Hahn and Sarah Michelle arrive at a casting call, but the photographer is demanding sexual content. They tell him they don’t shoot that and when they go to leave, he pulls out a medallion and entrances them. They fall under the spell and soon their eyes are fluttering and they fall asleep. The photographer tells them that they will do whatever he says when he snaps his fingers and they will now refer to him as “MASTER”. He snaps his fingers and the girls are under his control. He makes them do various things to prove this, from spanking each other to walking around, then stripping each other. He order them to touch each other’s boobs and to rub up and down on each other while kissing with their tongues. He asks them if they have any problem with shooting this content now, and of course being brainwashed they say they will shoot whatever he wants. He decides to move the shoot up to his bedroom and the mesmerized girls head up the stairs, still under his control.

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