Ludella Hahn is a redheaded vampire who has found herself a redheaded victim (Chrissy Daniels) while clubbing and was invited back to her room for a drink…and she took that invitation to mean a drink of Chrissy. She takes off her coat to reveal she has been wearing nothing but lingerie and stockings.

She puts Chrissy into a trance when she seems concerned about Ludella’s intentions. Now Chrissy is under her control…and she’s made to enjoy every moment they have together. Ludella bares her fangs in delight taking in Chrissy’s scent. She makes her strip and LICKS her bosom to taste her. Chrissy moans in pleasure while Ludella has her remove her bra so she can lick her nipples. Then Ludella removes her own so that Chrissy can return the favor, licking her nipples and groping her BIG BOOBS. They enjoy each other until Ludella can no longer stand her hunger, then she sinks her teeth in Chrissy’s neck and has that drink. When she’s done feeding, she keeps Chrissy in the trance to enjoy her some more, having her go start a bubble bath for them. She licks her lips in satisfaction.

This clip includes: Vampires, Mesmerizing, Brainwashing, Magic Control, Forced Lesbian, Tit Play, Trance, Erotic Magic, Magic Control, Supernatural & Nudity

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