Ludella Hahn - Remote Controlled Teacher - Embarrassment, Clothes Shrinking and Magic Control

POV has downloaded the new Reality Controller app on his phone and has decided to test it out on his very strict and prudish literature teacher. First he makes her drop the book she’s reading from and pick it up with her big butt in his face. She does exactly that. Then he has it shorten her skirt. Her long skirt shrinks into a mini skirt before his eyes. She writes on the the board bending over, not realizing that her pantyhose ass is practically coming out of her skirt with a peek at her panties. She doesn’t notice until she goes to sit on her desk.

“What the…? Um, I guess my skirt must have had a delayed shrinking effect from the dryer…” But while she’s fumbling around for excuses, confused and a bit embarrassed, POV enters in the next command: for her to tell him she loves him. When he hits the enter button, she stops what she’s doing, walks to him seductively and confesses her love to him with a smile and a wink in front of the whole class, becoming aware that she said it only after the wink…then becoming extremely confused, hurrying to make an excuse that she was just demonstrating the power of words.

She sits on the edge of her desk with her legs crossed, continuing the less, but POV enters “Spread Miss Hahn’s legs” into the command module, and while continuing with her lecture, her legs uncross and spread wide, showing an upskirt shot of her panties. She eventually becomes aware, embarrassingly closing her legs and trying to work it out in her head, although somewhat audibly that she didn’t remember sitting in that way. She stands up and tries to continue her lecture, but POV makes her very prudish blouse shrink, and SHRINK it does! First it grows tighter around her waist, then it starts rising up. It turns into a very tight crop top blouse that can barely contain her big tits, in fact the BUTTONS POP OFF right before his eyes, showing off her huge tits.

Miss Hahn eventually notices her very small blouse and becomes incredibly embarrassed. How is this happening to all her clothes? She covers herself with a folder and dismisses the class, claiming that she can’t teach like that as it wouldn’t be proper, then she turns to collect her things until she realizes POV is still sitting there. “That means you, too, mister. Out! O! – U! – T! OUT!” She points aggressively to the door, but he doesn’t leave. Instead, he uses the app to make her do a sexy dance for him, which she starts to do without even realizing it at first. She’s just continuing to berate him for still being there all while shaking her ass for him. Then he enters a command for her to start stripping, which embarrasses her greatly since she’s aware that she’s doing it, but can’t stop. “I swear, I would never do this! This is highly improper!” She takes off the skirt, the top, and the pantyhose before she notices the app on his phone and puts it all together, infuriating her.

“You’re behind this??? I should have known! You’re my worst student. You’ll be expelled for this and you’ll never amount to anything!!” She pulls her hair out of a bun, letting it down and shaking it out in a sexy way while completely enraged that she can’t help but obey. POV then enters his last command: to make Miss Hahn his mesmerized slave.” Her face goes blank as he reprograms her. Now he won’t need the remote; she’ll be his obedient and horny sex slave forever. “Yes, Master. You will get an A on all your papers. When you snap your fingers, I will return to normal, but I will be your horny obedient slave.” He snaps his fingers and her she snaps out of the trance, smiling seductively and teasing him. She bends over the desk with her butt out, “Now come get that A.”

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