Ludella Hahn – Replacing Sleeper Bot Ludella Hahn

Ludella and Sarah are friends who just enjoyed lunch together in a boutique shopping plaza. They are overly girly and gossiping, but when Ludella excuses herself to use the restroom, Sarah gets a call from her “Mistress” revealing her true nature as a robot. She suddenly straightens up and talks in an emotionless tone as she listens to her instructions. She is to replace the Ludella Hahn unit in all aspects of her life, and the current Ludella Hahn will purge all records of her former life to serve the mistress. Ludella is unaware that she is a robot though. When she returns, she finds Sarah still frozen. She tries to get her attention, and suddenly Sarah responds, but she’s more chipper and there’s something strangely artificial about her delivery and mannerisms. She tells Ludella she’s having trouble with her mobile phone device and asks her to look at it, but when Ludella agrees to, it activates her freeze setting. She is able to talk and move her head somewhat, but she is unable to move her body. “What is happening? Why can’t I move?” Sarah tells her what the orders are, but Ludella doesn’t believe her. This has to be an elaborate prank. There’s no way she’s a robot! They just had lunch together and robots don’t eat! Sarah tells her that they have never actually interacted in a social setting before. The memories were implanted in her. “This is crazy…no…no, that’s not right!” Sarah gets another order and tells Ludella to hand over her clothes. “Like hell I will!” But then Sarah activates an override and Ludella responds robotically, removing her clothes and handing them to Sarah, not realizing what she’s done until she’s standing there in her underwear. “What? What happened? Why am I in my underthings?” She’s getting freaked out now. “That’s mine!” She yells at Sarah, who is now wearing Ludella’s dress. “Because I will be taking over as the new Ludella unit, we must purge this house of all evidence of your image as Ludella Hahn unit.” Sarah removes photos of Ludella from the walls and changes her twitter profile photo to one with Sarah’s image. Then she tells Ludella that she will need to scan her mind so that she can reprogram the other sleeper bots to accept her appearance as Ludella. She begins scanning, searching through Ludella’s data banks to identify the sleeper bots and reprogram them or delete them if they are no longer needed. Ludella is surprised to hear which of her friends and acquaintances are robots. When Sarah finishes she says that it is complete and she is now Ludella Hahn. “No! I’m Ludella Hahn damn it! I’m Ludella Ha…Haynes…? Ludella…I’m …I’m…Lucy? I’m…I am…” Her system reboots. “Hello. I am Unit 4247. How may I be of assistance?” The new Ludella unit tests Unit 4247’s memory banks. She has successfully made the transfer. Unit 4247 is sent on her way. The new Ludella unit purges her memory of the events and reboots, activating the sleeper bot mode and acting as Ludella Hahn…as if nothing ever happened.

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