Ludella Hahn - Robo-Wife

Charles Abernathy hates being subservient to his high-powered executive wife. When an advertisement comes in the mail from The Robo-Wife Cooperation promising sexy, obedient wives, Charles Abernathy decides to give them a call after experiencing some more bitchiness from his wife when she gets home from work. He asks if he can make her a blonde. In the night, his bitchy wife is KOed and taken to the lab at Robo-Wife Cooperation to have the nano-chip placed and customizations installed. She wakes up strapped to a table and is unable to free herself. She demands that the tools not touch her, but soon she can no longer protest and simply repeats “I will be a good wife.” while the installations download into her brain. When Charles answers the door the next day, he is greeted by his new Robo-Wife: A blonde BIMBO with big bouncy boobs, per his specifications. She gives him her remote and he decides to test the features. She calls him MASTER and DADDY per his instructions. He has her crawl around on all fours, pull down her dress, play with her BIG TITS (he plays with them too), do a dance for him, and then play with her tits some more while TALKING DIRTY to him. Then he has her spank herself for being a dirty girl. Everything is working amazingly, until a glitch happens and she suddenly is all the worse parts of his old wife, pointing at him and lecturing “Charles Abernathy, have you been smoking cigars in my living room?” (ala nerd reference to TOS). He fiddles with the remote until she shuts down and then he has to reboot her. The next morning, while she’d preparing breakfast, there seems to be more and more glitches with her food prep, but she’s smiling her sweet smile all the while. Charles asks to see her boobs before work. He plays with her nipples a bit, but then the glitch comes back. He has to shut her down again and go to work, claiming that he’ll be inquiring about the warranty. Later that night, he asks for her to do a striptease for him in the bedroom. Once she’s fully stripped though, the glitch comes back, and this time he can’t turn it off! He calls the number for the Robo-Wife Cooperation, but the number no longer exists. Will he be stuck with this defective fembot forever?

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