ludella hahn - The Fetish Zone Walking Wanda
Ludella is a high-powered bitch boss running a corporate toy company. When she’s unimpressed with her inventor’s holiday release (a walking talking doll), she threatens him if he doesn’t come up with something new in the next 24 hours. She’s a woman used to getting her own way. Her high heels dangle from her feet as she finishes work, then she heads home for the night…but in this Fetish Zone episode, the walking wanda doll comes to haunt her. Ludella repeatedly disposes of the doll, but it keeps coming back. Then, after stripping down to her underthings, the doll trips Ludella and fully encases her in pantyhose, and she’s left in a full pantyhose encasement with a pantyhose gag. She writhes and squirms but she can’t get free. She tries being nice to the doll, but when it doesn’t work, she returns to her bitchy self and berates the doll. That’s the last straw and the doll begins to control her mind, placing her in a trance and changing her brain into that of a submissive robot. The doll turns Ludella into a perfect fembot. Well, almost perfect. She is tested out and is able to dance, blow kisses, bend over, and rub her breasts (with only a few minor malfunctions), which the toy inventor is able to work out. *Create your own custom video

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