Ludella Hahn – The Making Of Sunbathing Sexdolls

Ludella Hahn & Nyssa Nevers are taking in some rays at the country club pool early in the morning before it gets too busy, but before they have a chance to cool off in the pool, POV blocks them. He’s been looking for a pair of women to add to his collection of frozen sex dolls, and with nobody else around, it’s the perfect opportunity.

They are typical bitchy valley girls who give him major attitude when he steps in their path (the exact type he likes to shut up and take home). He uses magic to FREEZE them STIFF. No more talking. Their eyes are glazed and open wide like dolls’ eyes. Perfect. He tests their maneuverability and the stiffness of their limbs by posing them…groping their big tits…bending them over to check out their asses…just to be sure they’re suitable. Then he UNFREEZES them–just to mess with their heads.

“What the–I feel like I just loss 2 minutes…what are you still doing here, weirdo?” FREEZE. Back to no talking. Now it’s time to strip them out of their bikinis and see the bare goods. He strips them completely naked and plays with their BIG TITS, panning up and down their bodies. Yes, they’ll do.

When the scene reopens, the frozen dolls are sitting on lounge chairs with their arms stiff at their sides. He looks them up and down up close and forms their mouths into “O” shapes, playing with their breasts a bit more before dragging them away to load into his truck while the pool is still unoccupied. He can’t wait to get them home and test them out

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