Ludella Hahns Fetish Adventures – Bitchy Teacher Brainwashed

Clip Includes: POV, Magic Control, Woman Following Orders, Female Training, Brainwashing, Reprogramming, Tit Play, Erotic Magic, Real Doll, Transformation, Nerdy Girl, Bitch to Bimbo, Hot for Teacher, Adult School, Ludella Hahn, Contains NUDITYOverall Premise:

Ludella is the sexy teacher of the POV main character (off-screen). She thinks her student is a creepy nerd, but he has a major crush on her. The POV character uses an app on his phone to put her into a trance, and changes her personality to make her into his adoring love slave.The bell rings and the sexy teacher in her low-cut blouse and pencil skirt begins erasing the blackboard to prepare for tomorrow’s assignments when she notices that her least favorite student is still sitting in his desk in the front row. She’s super rude to him, telling him that whatever he needs can wait till tomorrow. School is out for the day. He insists she take a look at his phone. Desperate to get him to leave, she does. Little does she know that he’s having her look at a Trance App. She falls into the trance and stares wide-eyed awaiting his instructions. In a monotone entranced voice, she repeats the lines he wants her to.”Yes, I can hear you””I am in a h.ypn0tic trance””I will obey you and do everything you say”and other instructions regarding his ability to put her in and out of the trance with the snap of his fingers. He tells her when she wakes up, she will not remember being put into the trance, but she will answer all his questions honestly. He snaps his fingers and she returns to normal, though is very confused. Wait why are you here again? What? You want to know what I think about you? Honestly, I think you are a nerdy, ugly, and disgusting loser. You obviously take no pride in your appearance your hair is greasy, youre disgustingly overweight, you smell like you havent showered in days, and you are one of the most ignorant people Ive ever taught. On top of that, you treat women like were sex objects, and you seem to take pride in being a sexist pervert. You are simply the most repulsive man Ive ever met.He then asks if she loves her husband. What? Of course I love my husband. He is a wonderful man, and I could never be attracted to someone else, especially a disgusting nerdy loser like you. My husband and I make love every week, and he is more than able to satisfy me. Im not one of those bimbos out of your pervert magazines I dont constantly crave sex, and I certainly dont masturbate my husband is all I need. Now, if thats all you want to know, you should leave.She’s gotten quite angry at this point, but POV snaps his fingers and she returns to the trance, repeating the lines he feeds to her to reprogram her. He trains her to love him for his appearance and to find her husband unsatisfying. She can only get off to him now. Her husband can’t please her. He convinces her that she’s in love with him, and she begins to talk about her love for him with a dreamy smile. She now believes that she has an irresistible compulsion to seduce him, and become his (YOUR) love slave. POV snaps fingers. Upon waking up, she suddenly seems very interested in POV, and becomes very flirty and bubbly with him. She apologizes to POV for her past rude behavior. She blames her rudeness on her poor relationship with her husband, and mentions how lucky she is to have such an amazing student to come help cheer her up. She takes off her glasses, lets down her hair, and starts acting like a lovesick school girl. She gets increasingly flirty and touchy with POV, telling him how amazing he is and how she loves everything about him including his sexy body, his hair, how amazing he smells, how brilliant he is, and how he treats women. Ludella admits that she’s always fantasized about a strong man to take charge of her life. She tells POV that she’s extremely attracted to him. She tells POV that she wants to please him and do everything for him. She starts asking POV if he is interested in her. She is desperate for his attention, and starts posing sexually and caressing herself to get his interest. She begins seductively taking off her clothes, stripping down to her panties. POV (off-screen) takes off his pants. Ludella sees his penis, and seems really unimpressed by his tiny cock. POV asks he to suck it on her knees like a slut, and she gets very offended that he would call her a slut. She says she isnt some slut who will just get down on her knees on front of him. She appears to be breaking out of her trance, and starts moving to put her clothes back on. POV snaps his fingers, and Ludella goes back into trance. Now he makes her say how much of a slut she is and how much she loves being his slut. He reprograms her to think his cock is the best she’s ever seen and that she will orgasm any time he comes in, on, or near her.I will have an orgasm whenever you cum in me, on me, or around me”My tits belong to you. My ass belongs to you. I love showing off my body for you. I love getting dressed up for you. I will gladly act out all of your fantasies. I am always ready and eager for sex with you. I am your adoring slutty love slave.” He wakes her from the trance and she wants him badly. He tells her to play with her tits while he masturbates. She climbs onto his desk and begins playing with her BIG TITS, encouraging him. The closer he gets, the closer she gets. She climaxes when he does. Afterward, Ludella stares at POV lovingly, and tells him how wonderful he is and how much she loves him. She starts getting very clingy, and tells POV that she wants to divorce her loser husband, leave the school, and marry POV. She says that they are soul mates, and that they should be together forever. POV needs to correct this immediately, so he tells her about his plan to entrance all the other girls at school to be his slaves, too. At first Ludella is willing if it pleases him, until she starts to realize that she herself has been entranced and starts to break out of it again. He snaps his fingers to do some final training on her. He reprograms her to crave sex with him and other women and to stay married to her husband but to have sex with him whenever he wants. She’ll be a REAL BIMBO now.”When I wake up, I will be your submissive love slave. I will love and adore you with all my heart and soul, and be happy to do whatever you want me to do, anything anytime anywhere. My whole purpose in life will be to find new ways of pleasing you and pleasuring you. It’ll be the best relationship I can imagine, being your adoring love slave.POV snaps his fingers, and when Ludella wakes up she again smiles at POV. She tells POV that she is so happy being his love slave, and shes so glad that he used his device on her. She tells him how excited she is to make all the girls at school into his slaves, and how hot it will be to see them use their slutty bodies to please their master. She then mentions to POV that she’s always fantasized about having a threesome with her big-breasted friends. She begs POV to use his device on all her sexy friends, and have sex with them as she watches and joins in. POV agrees, and Ludella makes an excited squeal and tells POV that he is the greatest master she could ever hope for, and that she loves him completely. *This was a CUSTOM video commission. Create your own custom video clip by filling out the form at LudellaHahnFetish.comThis clip is available in multiple formats and resolutions:MP4 HD 1280×720 – MOV HD 1280×720 – WMV HD 1280×720 – WMV 854×480 – MP4 426x240You might also enjoy Oops! I Brainwashed Myself! or clips in these similar categories:ROBOTS – REAL DOLL – MAGIC CONTROL – MESMERIZE – FREEZE clips.Back to MAIN STORE.

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