Ludella Hahns – Nurse Bimbo – POV Brainwashes Bitchy Nurse into Bimbo Love Slave

POV has had his eye on a particular nurse at the hospital, so much that he’s feigned illness to see her multiple times a week, but she’s a complete bitch to him and won’t even make eye contact. On this visit, he uses that to his advantage, having brought along a syringe filled with a mind altering substance inside, a brainwashing potion that once injected, will cause her mind to go blank and be open to suggestion. While she’s jotting things down on his chart, he jabs it into her temple and injects the fluid. Her eyes roll and she seems to get weak. “What…is…that… A…brainwashing…potion…? I…feeeeeel…fuuunnny…” She slurs, dropping her clipboard as her knees buckle beneath her.

Her eyes continue to roll until suddenly the potion takes hold and she stands straight up and ridged, her eyes staring blankly ahead of her. “Yes, Master. I am yours now.” POV orders her to walk around like a zombie with her hands infront of her repeating the mantra, “I am now your slave; I must obey…” He then has her rub her own big breasts over her uniform, telling him how nice and big they are. Then he has her do a sexy dance in her zombie-like state. She lifts her uniform, revealing her thick juicy ass and shakes her booty, bending over the exam table. She wigles her hips and dances around sexily for POV, getting on the exam table to show off her delicious stocking legs and garters in her red pumps. POV decides that’s enough of his testing of her obedience and wants to bein altering her personality. He wants her to be a horny bimbo slave who finds him to be the sexiest man alive. She will belong only to him. “Yes, Master. My personality will be built to suit your desires. When you snap your fingers I will be your bimbo.” SNAP.

Her eyes flutter as she wakes as her newly modified self. Speaking in a bubbly airy bimbo voice, she thanks her Master for giving her this new personality because the old her was such a bitch. “Why, she wouldn’t even look at you! But you’re the sexiest most handsome man alive, Master…” She touches his chest and licks her lips. “Mmmmm….” She then looks down at her outfit. “There is certainly not enough cleavage here. I should change that.” She unbuttons her uniform until she can fully reveal her bra. “Why yes, Master. I should just take it all off. It’s far too constricting….” She sexily strips out of her uniform, then she takes off her bra, revealing her big juicy tits. “These tits are yours, Master. Mmmm…” POV squeezes them and plays with them while she moans with pleasure. Then she finishes stripping the rest of her lingerie off, starting with her high heels, then her stockings, then her garterbelt, then finally her thong, all while showing off her curvaceous figure. “You’re right, Master. This should be our new uniform. You should change the other nurses’ personalities so that we can all wear our sexy new uniforms together and serve you.” She bends over the end of the exam bed as commanded and POV grabs her big ass, coming around behind her. “Please, Master. Take me. I’m yours!” She begs, and he pulls her big ass toward him.

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