step six Trained to be a couple of perfect love slaves

I feel what you tell me to feel master, I am a mindless shell

In this segment the girls learn what it means to be a perfect love slaves and how to please their master. Put on their knees with their arms stretched out in front of them, my two horny beauties are now shaking under my orders. Not allowed to touch themselves and or each other, they are now experiencing the power of the touch less orgasm on the count of three. I can feel how much they want to please me and decide to take it further. Every good slave has to learn to crawl while feeling helplessly fucked at the same time.
Repeating, “I am a mindless shell master”, is starting to drive them up the wall and eventually makes them orgasm deep and hard. Of course that is all just the warm up. Bend over the couch with their sexy little asses pushed out at me, the girls are finally allowed to masturbate for me. Again, the two can not seem to wait for me to finally allow them to explode for me. Put on their backs in the spread eagle position, my two lovers experience the power of the breath controlled orgasm and believe me the intensity of their staring wide open eyes is almost impossible to describe. Very intense with lots of action

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