Mind Under Master – Alex Blake, Chloe Temple, Kyler Quinn – Daddy’s Succubus (Parts 1-3 Full)

Chloe Temple is spending the night at Kyler Quinn’s house when the girls decide to play with an Ouija board. When a “spirit” it spells out “help” Kyler gets too scared to continue. Later that night while the girls rest the sheets get pulled off them, revealing their sexy young bodies. Chloe tosses and turns dreaming of a beautiful women kissing up her body, when she opens her eyes laying on top of her is a Succubus (Alex Blake) who kisses and takes over her body. — Chloe sneaks down stairs to find Kyler’s stepdad in his study. She seduces him asking him if he’s ever dreamt of this, having a sexy young girl seduce him while his wife is in bed upstairs? She offers to be his little fucktoy, his innocent little girl, anything he wants as she pushes him onto the sofa. — Back in the bedroom the Succubus begins to tease Kyler, unzipping her top and playing with her perfect, perky tits. She tells Kyler that Chloe is downstairs seducing her stepfather, “you wish it were you, do you?” — “I don’t…I don’t want my stepdad. I’m a good girl” — “Yes you are, and good girls do what they’re told” the Succubus says and takes control of Kyler, making her confess her secret desire to be used by her daddy. Fantasizing about fucking and sucking him in her room. Part 2 – Chloe seduces Kyler’s stepdad fucking him in his office until Kyler sneaks in and joins them. Part 3 – Daddy is surprised as he gets dressed for work when Kyler, Chloe and their succubus friend stand in the doorway in sexy lingerie. They all take turns kissing, fucking and sucking him until he can’t think straight. He’ll give the succubus ALL his cum just as long as he can feel this good until there’s nothing left of him.

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