Mind Under Master – Amara Romani, Alex Blake, Lily Rader – Just a Taste (Part 1)

Amara’s head reeled from the pleasure. What had Lily done to her? How could anything feel this good? “What’s happening?” she asks as she falls into Lily’s lap a feeling a euphoria washing over her.

“I’m sorry,” Lily says “He made me do it.”

Amara and her girlfriend Alex were horrified for their friend Lily when she began to tell them about the past week. She used a ride service one night after work and the driver kept talking and talking, insisting she try the candy he leaves out for riders. Just wanting him to shut up already, Lily took one and it wasn’t long until her body felt amazing. She began touching herself in the backseat as he drove, barely paying attention to where he was taking her as she played with her dripping wet pussy. He told her how he isolated a chemical that could release all the pleasure centers in the brain all at once and that she was enjoying the benefits of his hard work, but soon the pangs of withdrawal began to hit her and that was when she realized he hadn’t taken her home.

He promised to help her as he carried her into his home and laid her down on his bed. As she lay there writhing in a cold sweat he offers he his fingers to suck on,, explaining how he had infused his DNA with the chemical so that tasting him would create the same effect. She resist at first, but one lick of his thumb made her cum harder than the best sex she’d ever had in her life.

But when he took a drop of his precum she didn’t know what to do, she was both repulsed and desperate to know how good it could make her feel. She hated herself for wanting him to force her to take it, but he wouldn’t do that. He simply offered it to her, waiting patiently for her to choose to suck it off his finger.

And once she did, she thought she would never stop cumming. She stayed with the driver for days doing anything he wanted, anything to keep sucking and licking any inch of his body. She would just lay next to him licking his neck and begging for him to get hard again just so she could suck him off just one more time. He would have her sit naked on her knees sucking his fingers for hours as she drooled all over herself, her mind lost in a haze of constant orgasmic bliss.

She didn’t want to stop it just felt so good, but one night she managed to escape by stealing his candy and ran to see her friends. The candy is the only thing keeping the withdrawal symptoms at bay, but she’s running out and she doesn’t know what she’ll do once it’s gone.

The next day Lily is in a cold sweat when Amara wakes her “Do you need some candy?” she asks. Lily nods desperately and Amara places one of the laced hard candies in her mouth.

“Where’s Alex?” Lily asks as she calms down, but before Amara can even finish answering Lily is kissing her and shoving the candy from her mouth to Amara’s.

“Why would you do that?” Amara shouts pushing Lily away.

“I’m so sorry…” Lily tells her, but it’s too late…the chemical is already making Amara feel pleasures she never knew possible.

“It feels so good” Amara moans out

“It won’t last long,” Lily explains, “Here kiss me some more, it’ll help with the withdrawal.” They kiss, passing the candy back and forth between their mouths, their minds lost until Amara from the pleasure.

“Master I have one ready” Lily says before hanging up. Amara clings to her friend’s leg desperate for something to ease the withdrawal, but knowing what that means doing. “Please don’t do this” she begs her friend.

“It’s too late, I need him to feed me again and soon you’ll need him too” Lily says petting her friend’s hair.

When Master arrives Amara is twitching with need as he offers his fingers to her and she hesitates trying to resist but takes them into her mouth. She sucks feeling good again, but pulls away “I can’t do this…” she pleads to Lily.

But her friend willingly takes Master’s fingers into her mouth, sucking with a look of not just need, but love. Amara is horrified. Horrified at what this man has done to her friend but also jealous, because she wishes his fingers were in her mouth. She needs those fingers now….she needs to taste him again.

He pulls them from Lily’s mouth and tease’s Amara’s lips with them. Her eyes roll back as the pleasure hits her once more and once she takes them into her mouth almost cumming instantly as they hit the back of her throat, but she manages to pull away once more.

She begs for Lily to help her as Master touches her body, but Lily simply says “He is trying to help you” and Amara is helpless as she relents once more. Master’s thumb tastes so good as she rolls her tongue around it allowing herself to feel the pleasure she needs so badly…until she pulls away once more. Master knows it’s just a matter of time so he calls Lily over to him.

Lily straddles him as she licks his mouth and face desperate to enjoy the pleasure that tasting of him can bring her as Amara watches unable to flee but also desperate to join her.

When Master reaches his hand out to her as Lily kisses and licks him Amara takes it willingly and as he slowly pulls it away she pushes herself forward desperate to keep his finger in her mouth.

“Just give in” Lily tells her friend as she sucks on Master’s thumb, but when he pulls his thumb away she is forced to crawl up close to his face. “Just a kiss” Lily says cupping her friend’s cheek and pulling her close to kiss Master.

“Doesn’t that feel good?” Lily asks as Amara just nods dumbfounded in a state of bliss. “I knew you would like it” Lily says as she begins to rub Master’s cock. Amara can’t resist any longer, she kisses and licks Master, sharing him with her friend.

“What did you do to me?” she whispers, but he never responds. He just lets her lick him desperately and strings of spit connecting all of their mouths. The girls feast on his lips with their tongues praising him with “Thank you master”. Amara says without thinking, just following Lily’s lead.

Amara continues to kiss Master until he stops her, he want her to suck his cock with Lily. She begs, “Please don’t make me do this,” but she knows he won’t/ He’ll just wait until she’s so desperate she’ll willingly take his cock into her mouth.

Once Lily guides her mouth onto his cock, there is no going back. Lily begins to teach Amara. “The better we make Master feel, the better we feel” she explains as Amara continues to suck up and down on his cock. They share him and Amara becomes grateful. She’ll convert her girlfriend for Master, she doesn’t care anymore…anything to keep tasting him.

Lily knows what must happen next and begs Master to feed Amara, “She’s been such a good girl” she pleads, “please feed her Master”. Amara sucks harder and faster until Master puts his hand behind her head and she feels him load pour into her mouth and down her throat. She swallows with delight as the ecstasy of his cum releases a nonstop flood of pleasures into her mind. “Thank you Master” Lily says and Amara repeats. “Thank you”


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