Mind Under Master – Amara Romani, Alex Blake, Lily Rader – Just a Taste (Part 2)

Amara knows what the candy will do to her girlfriend Alex, but if she ever wants to taste her master again, she knows what she needs to do. So she slips a piece into her mouth while Alex looks around confused and before she knows it, Amara is shoving the candy into her girl friend’s mouth.

It doesn’t take long for the effects of the candy to hit Alex’s pleasure center as she’s flooded with wave after wave of sensual bliss. Even with the overload of stimulation she’s aware what has happened. She knows what they’re doing and she realizes that its just a matter of time before the withdrawal begins.

She doesn’t remember him arriving, but she resists the temptation even as her friends willingly suck at their master’s fingers, but how long can she hold out? She wants it so badly, she knows how good it’ll feel to just give into the pleasure. Watching her girlfriend suck lovingly on a strangers hand, she’s struck less by jealous of her girlfriend’s betrayal and more jealousy of the pleasure she knows Amara is receiving from his taste.

It was only a matter of time and once his skin touched her tongue she knew there was no going back, she knew this is what she wanted. All the stress, pain and confusion of life slipped away as she gained a singular focus…tasting any part of him.

So delirious from the pleasure of his fingers there wasn’t even a moments resistance when his cock was guided into her mouth. Gone was any sense of disgust as her mind associated only pleasure with this man…her new master.

Her girlfriend now reveled in stripping for a man despite her being a lesbian. Lily devoured her masters cock with complete and utter devotion and Alex praised master, thanking him for selecting her.

Just an hour ago Alex would have viewed passionately kissing Lily a betrayal to her relationship, but the moment master commanded it she didn’t think twice. Anything he wanted she would do. Anything to please him.

She could lick at him like this for hours, days even, but when she saw how excited her friend became at the thought of receiving his cum, she knew it was going to be something truly special. When they began to beg she knew that she would need to beg as well. And beg they did. They felt no shame at their prostration, only humility at ever denying themselves such pleasures in the first place.

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