Mind Under Master – Arya Fae & Tana Lea – Rental House

Arya and Tana are taking a little couple’s vacation and found an amazing deal on a beautiful place. Little do they realize that the owner of the rental house has his reason’s for offering the place so cheap and he is very particular about who stay there. Spy camera record their every move. Despite having slept on the flight there, the ladies are tired from the moment they sit down. They even notice a strange humming sound that comes and goes but they’ll worry about it later because they want to catch a quick nap and the go rage.

The owner has been using a trance signal to scan their minds and once they’re in a deep sleep he comes out from his hidden room to examine his test catch. He lifts up Arya’s skirt and runs his hand over her perfect tight little ass. Then he goes to the bedroom to examine Tana’s nice big fake tits. They’re perfect and its time to move onto phase 2.

He runs a new louder trance signal that begins to reprogram their minds. They stare up into his camera repeating what he says…they want to be his fuckdolls, they want to serve him and worship him. Their only purpose in life is to bring him pleasure.

After he puts them to back to sleep he comes out and tests how well the signal worked and with a snap of his fingers they wake and are instantly all over him. They beg to be his slaves, his fucktoys…they beg to worship him, to suck his cock and to make him cum.

After he’s finished programming them individually he lets them worship his cock together. They beg, suck and share his cock, telling him how much they adore and worship him. How thankful they are that he selected them and gave them the honor of sucking his cock. They beg for his cum, they need to prove themselves worthy if they’re going to be permitted to enjoy this all vacation long. Its all they want anymore.

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