Mind Under Master – Brooklyn Gray, Katie Kush and Natalie Knight – Foster Kittens

Brooklyn Gray, Katie Kush, and Natalie Knight are mind controlled into believing they are kittens. They are told to lick themselves, each other, and eventually the man controlling them. They put on collars and give him a blowjob, eventually cumming in their mouths which leads to cum swapping between the three.

Brooklyn Gray calls about an ad for some stray kittens a man found. They have all their shots, he just wants to find them a good home. Never one to go to a strange man’s house alone, Brooklyn brings along her friends Katie Kush and Natalie Knight, but when they arrive the kittens are no where to be seen. The man explains that they’re skittish, but if they turn on his “kitten lamp” they’ll come running out. Hesitantly the girls get on their knees and click the on button. FLASH The world becomes distorted, the girls can’t seem to think straight. How did they get here? Why can’t they stop looking into this pretty light? Soon the man is petting their heads, explaining that they’re kittens and he’s rescued them. “We’re not kittens sir” Brooklyn protests. “Then why are you on the floor like kittens?” he asks. They don’t know. They can’t remember why they’re on the floor or why they’re rubbing up against his legs. “But I’m still talking…” Katie says, still sure she’s not a kitten. “No you’re meowing, I just understand kittens so very well. I bet you want to clean yourself?” They do. They start licking their paws and rubbing their faces clean. They lick each other to show how much they love their sisters. The man examines them, he reaches his fingers down their throat to make sure they haven’t eaten anything bad. He has they take off their clothes, “Kittens don’t were clothes, do they?” They don’t, so the girls all strip naked for him so he can put a collar and leash around their necks. But if they want him to adopt them, if they want him to be their daddy…they need to show him how much they love him. How much they appreciate him rescuing them. His cute little kittens surround him, cleaning him with their little tongues, purring in his ear as they snuggle up close and beg him to be their daddy. Their owner. Their master. He gets on the floor with his little kittens and the take turns cleaning his cock while the other two purr lovingly in his ear begging to be fed his cum. They’re SO very hungry for daddy’s cum.

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  • This video player is the worst. Couldn’t you use a better one?

    • Fetishman 9 months ago

      We are using two different video players, Try another one, If it doesn’t work either then issue should be on your side.