Mind Under Master – Cadey Mercury – Christmas Gift

At Christmas Santa doesn’t just give good boys and girls gifts, sometimes he’ll give good stepfather’s a present as well. When bratty step daughters misbehave all year long, Santa will cast a spell and turn them into good little girls just for their stepdaddy. Late at night on Christmas Eve the once bratty stepdaughter Cadey finds her stepdad downstairs while mom is in bed. She intends to show her stepdad what a good girl Santa has transformed her into. With a few kisses Cadey begins to show him just how wonderful a good stepdaughter can be as she slides to her knees and pulls out his cock. With a head still full of eggnog her stepfather relents, letting her mouth bring him pleasure. “Am I doing a good job daddy?” Cadey asks, hoping that the answer will be yes. His moans tell her yes as Cadey whispers as she begs and begs for her stepfather’s cock. She just wants to please him. To make him happy. He deserves so much more than what her mom can offer

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