Mind Under Master – Carolina Sweets – Trance Therapy

Session 1

Carolina is struggling with addition when she goes to get some trance therapy help. The good doctor has seen this type of behavior before and goes on to explain that often addiction is not about the drug but about an oral fixation.

Carolina finds it difficult to concentrate with the flashing of his light in her eyes but she instinctively repeats his instructions back as he guides her. She just needs something in her mouth so he has her suck on her thumb, but it’s simply not enough so he permits her to suck on his fingers. She loves it, somehow tasting him is better than any drug and she’s so close to cumming. But just as she’s about to he stops.

Session 2

Carolina shows off her little body for the doctor. She bites her lips anxious to taste him again, but this time he teaches her to pleasure him. She strips for his enjoyment and loves the idea of being naked for him, then she takes out his cock and starts jerking him off right there in his office! But just as she gets close to cumming her once again stops her.

Session 3

Carolina doesn’t even attempt to hide why she’s there, she needs to taste him again. The doctor comes out and plays with her body asking, “Have you ever given a lap dance?” She hasn’t but she’ll do anything if it means getting to feel him on her tongue. She grinds away until he tells her to get on her knees. She wraps herself around his leg and begs, pleading to do anything he wants. He permits her to suck his cock as she looks up at him from her knees.

She’s such a little junkie now, her has her look into camera as he uses her tight young body as she declares her devotion to him and only him. She needs her fix and she’ll do anything it takes to get it.

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