Mind Under Master – Ivy Aura, Lily Rader and Nina Elle – Intimacy Creations (Part 1)

Chad is in a stimulation where he is cheating on his wife first with Nina Elle who gives him a blowjob before finishing him off between her tits. He ‘wakes up’ but is told that he is still in a stimulation; Lily Rader and Ivy aura coerces him and gives him a double blowjob filled with lots of dirty talk and kissing before finishing on their tongues.

Chad had heard about them from a friend at work, an IT guy who looked both ways before telling him, “Dude, its like living in a porno. Just let your mind wander to the things that turn you on and the program will simulate any fantasy.” Chad had little doubt that this guy never had a real life sexual experience, so he dismissed it as unrealistic, but after he was done jerking off to big fake titties while he wife was in the shower he couldn’t help but check out their website.

One of test facilities wasn’t far from his office so he set up an appointment on an evening his wife would be out with her friends. He couldn’t help but feel his cock twitch when the sexy blonde sales rep walked into the meeting room. She had long legs that went up to a tight perfect ass, all capped off with a pretty young face… this place really knew how to get their costumers in the mood. She gave him a little speech about the company and when she noticed him absentmindedly fidgeting with his wedding ring she said “Don’t worry about your wife while you’re here, we are very discreet.”

She touched the coffee table in front of her and a holographic screen popped up between them with the image of a 3D female model rotating in circles. “What age range do you prefer? Youthful, mature, similar to your own?”

“Similar” Chad lied as his focus wandered from the screen to her perfect young body. She couldn’t be much older than twenty one if that.

“What type of body do you prefer? Thin, athletic, curvy, enhanced?”

“Enhanced” he said his eyes glazing over as the hologram glitched

“How enhanced?”

“Double Ds should be fine” he lied again. He want bigger, hell he wanted tits the size of his head if he could have it.

“Very reasonable” she said in an almost teasing fashion. “Do you like cheating on you wife?”

“No” Chad replied with a tinge of guilt.

“But you want to cheat?”


“So you want to be seduced” she said with a smile, “Do you fantasize about strippers?”

“Yes…” he responds without thinking

“You like how perfect and fake their bodies are. Your wife, she can’t please you like a stripper can..”

“No she can’t” he says honestly, his eyes having trouble focusing on the pretty young girl in front of him.

“Good. Survey is complete, your model will be joining you shortly” is the last thing Chad hear before his eyes shut.

From the darkness a pair of giant fake tits emerge on the body of a perfect stripper fuckdoll. “Thank you for selecting me for your trial, does my appearance pleasure you?” she asks Chad can’t speak, its all so real…without realizing it she’s in his arms and she’s moving his hand up and onto her giant tits. They barely fit, they’re bigger than softballs and so much bigger than his wife’s tits. “My skin is so soft, my tits are so big” she whispers “Every inch of me was designed to bring you pleasure. Even my words are specifically crafted to turn you on.” She kisses him, pressing her tits to his chest, “For instance you’ve always wanted someone to call you master, haven’t you?”

“Yes” he moans.

“But you’ve fantasized about this haven’t you master?” she asks “Touching tits as bug as mine. So full. So round. They’re all yours master.” She kisses him again, her had caressing the back of his neck. “I’ll be your personal stripper. Your devoted pornstar and your own fucktoy”

She pushed him onto a sofa and feeds him her glorious tits as she continues to whisper seductively in his ear. “That’s it master, enjoy my body, it belongs to you. You can suck on them day and night.”

Chad pulls back “Milk?” he asks realizes as he swallows.

“My tits lactate a sexual enhancing drug to keep you harder longer” she explains as he dive back onto her nipple to drink more. “I’ll feed you everyday master. You can use my tits as a pillow each night.” She reached between her legs to feel his hard cock in her hands before sliding to her knees.

“I know you have a wife” she says sucking the ring off his finger “That doesn’t matter here. I’ll be your little secret. Your wife will never know.” She puts his hands all over her tits again, “Besides your wife doesn’t have a body like mine and you deserve a body like mine. Let me give you all you deserve.”

“I’m ready to worship you master, with my mouth…and my tits…” she says sucking and drooling all over his cock. “All my holes are your if you purchase me. I bet your wife wouldn’t let you fuck her in the ass, but you can fuck me in the ass anytime if you purchase me.” She buries his cock deep in her throat, “I’ll never get tired, I’ll never say no. All day everyday master”

She gets sloppy and wet as she wraps her tits around his cock and he nearly fades from the pleasure. It’s what he’s always wanted, what he’s always needed. “You’ve never had your cock between tits this big have you?” she asks “Just lay back and I’ll milk you with them everyday. Please shoot your load all over these big tits master, please make a mess of your sex toy.” She begs until he can’t take it anymore and cums between those huge tits of hers.

“Thank you master, now take me home so you can fuck me in the ass” she begs just before…..

He jolts awake back in the meeting room. It’s as if not time at all has passed, his cock is even still hard from admiring the sexy young sales girl from moments ago. “Welcome back Mr. Alva, how did you enjoy your experience?” she asks with a big grin already knowing the answer from the look on his face. “You’re still asleep by the way and you don’t need to wake up, if you don’t want to.”

“What?” Chad asks confused.

“What would you just want one woman, when you can have as many women as you want?” she asks and glances to the empty sofa next to chad. He looks but it’s no longer empty, a sexy dark haired girl poses and smiles at him.

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