Mind Under Master – Ivy Aura, Lily Rader and Nina Elle – Intimacy Creations (Part 2)

The sales rep crawls next to the little sex kitten on the sofa “You can have anyone you’ve ever wanted” she tells him.

“Like the cute goth girl you crushed on in high school” the sex kitten says and Chad remembers her. That’s right, there was that arty girl he was obsessed with in high school, but he was dating his wife at the time and never made a move on her. The girls smile at each other, licking their lips with excitement as they turn to Chad.

“Isn’t this better than going home?” the rep asks as they trade off kiss him.

“We can give you what your wife can’t” the goth girl whispers in his ear

“We can give you anything you want” the rep begs feeling how hard Chad is for them. It doesn’t even feel like he’s cum yet. He feels just as turned on as when he first arrived at their test facility and he’s never had a threesome before.

“Two women at once…” the goth whispers as if she read his mind. The rep effortlessly unleashes his cock as the goth girl slides to her knees. “Ready for us to bring your wildest fantasies to life?” she ask as she starts to suck his cock.

The rep pulls off her dress revealing a body that is even more perfect than Chad imagined. Her curves make his cock grow even firmer as the goth girl devotes her mouth to it’s attention, letting him enjoy the visual stimulation of the pretty blonde’s body as she slithers up the sofa next to him. “Isn’t she so much better than your wife?” she moans in his ear, “It’ll just keep getting better and better.”

The stimulation of their mouths surrounds him as the rep passionately kisses him while the goth girls spits and drools all over his cock. Long strings of saliva connecting her little fingers to her lips as she adores his cock. But the rep can’t wait anymore and falls to her knees wanting to share Chad’s cock.
“Don’t you love having this experience?” the goth girl asks between licks and sucks.

“Don’t you want to stay in this world?” the rep asks as her tongue swirls around his spit drenched balls.

“You can stay in this world forever,” the goth girl coos looking up into his eyes, “Just have this every fucking day.” Chad moans with pleasure at the thought of having any woman he wants, whenever he wants. He cock has never been harder…or wetter. Their faces get messier and messier as they devote themselves to keeping his cock slick with drool as if their salivate just from the thought of tasting him. “You never have to see your wife again”

“Fuck my wife” Chad moans back to them

“Say it again, say fuck my wife” the goth girl pleads as she strokes his cock.

“Fuck my wife”

“You’re the one in control” she says as she feeds the rep Chad’s cock, “You can choose to have this every single day.”

“Give me this for fucking ever”

The rep straddles Chad and and the goth girl pulls aside her panties. “Why would you ever go back to your wife when you can have this?” the goth girl ask.

“You never have to leave us” the rep whispers as she begins to grind. The goth girl crawls up next to them, her face still cover and dripping with spit. “Its all yours, all day everyday” moans the rep, “whenever you want us you can have us.”

“Wait…” Chad says still guiding the rep’s motion with his hands, “What happens to me in the real world if I stay?”

“Doesn’t she feel so good? Doesn’t this feel so much better than your wife?” she responds ignoring him, “Every woman in this world is like this, ready to make you feel good and keep you in complete ecstasy. The choice is yours…”

“Doesn’t this feel so fucking good?” the goth girl moans out as she ride him, but Chad can’t answer, not with the rep’s tongue in his mouth. They continue to repeat how he can have this all day everyday as they share him, pleasuring him all over, not letting him think straight for a moment until he finally decides exactly what he wants.

“I want you to get on your knees”

They stroke and suck and milk his cock as they beg for his cum. They need it. They worship it. “Please let us taste your cum master, we need it” the rep begs, her face a sloppy mess. “We’ve been good girls for you, please cum for us.”

“Please master” the goth girl moans out in a chorus of begging until he blows his load on their waiting tongues.

“I should get home to my wife” Chad says thinking he’s ready to stop using the simulation, but the girls just start stroking him again.

“That’s the best part of this world, the pleasure never ends” the goth girl coos and they both start sucking him off anew. His eyes roll back in his head, its like he didn’t just cum, it feel fresh and new and she wants it to continue. He never wants this to stop.

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