Mind Under Master – Ivy Aura, Lily Rader, Penelope Reed – Stray Kittens (Parts 1-2)

Part 1
Ivy Aura is cat sitting for a wealthy man and gets hypnotized into believing she’s a cat. She licks/kisses all over his face before giving him a POV blowjob while dirty talking and slobbering over. He eventually finishes on her hand/tongue and she licks it all up.

Part 2

Ivy, Lily, and Penelope are three sex kitties waiting for their master to come home. When their master returns they begin to lick him starting from his chest and eventually leads to a triple blowjob. They also take turns giving solo blowjobs while the other two are whispering/purring in his ear in ASMR fashion. The scene culminates with Penelope finishing him off while Lily and Ivy encourages him which then ends in all three of them licking off their reward.

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