Lily and Maya are on vacation but when the TV in their room mysteriously starts playing a strange signal they find themselves no long interested in the beach. The swirling colors are beautiful making it impossible to look away. Soon their hands are in their panties playing with their wet pussies and they begin to kiss. “Why are we doing this?” Maya asks “Because it feels good to obey” Lily explains

Soon they’re promising themselves to the signals master. They’ll do anything for him. They love him. They need him. They worship him. They beg to be his fucktoys. As they desperately plead to the signal, the hotel’s owner sits on the bed behind them and waits for the programing to end.

{ASMR: Headphone recommended) Once it does they crawl to him, doing everything they learned from the signal as they beg for permission to pleasure him with their bodies. They spoon up beside him, kissing and licking him as they whisper in his ears, begging and pleading to let them worship him. He permits them to suck his cock one at a time while they other continues to whisper her devotion to him.

(POV) They share his cock thanking him for the honor of pleasuring him. They’ll do more. “Wouldn’t you like to fall asleepunder a pile of girls every night master” “Ten? Fifteen? Twenty? As many girls as you want master. We’ll surround you with our tight young bodies and just kiss and lick you all over until you cum.”

They want to prove their worth and become desperate to make him cum. Begging and pleading up he finally give them a load to share

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  • Chris 2 years ago

    Aside from video requests, are you also interested on hearing about special video sales?. Because on recently added a sale in which for 40$ you can get 10 videos of your own choice, seems like a good chance to pick many videos that would have been to expensive individually.

    On a side note, the newest Victoria video seems very good, they said they added a “virtual simulated make out scene” with her, and I would definitely love to see that:

    Sorry it’s the clips4sale link instead of the original website, but for some reason these last few days I haven’t been able to access their website.

    • Fetishman 2 years ago

      thanks dude for sharing, at least we’ll try to get latest Victoria release