Mind Under Master – Samantha Hayes & Tana Lea – Down with the Sickness (Part1)

Part 1

Chad says he’s sick but Tana isn’t buying it. She offers to take him to the emergency room but he asks for Tana to call her Nurse friend, Samantha. Rolling her eyes she calls him a big baby and has her friend come over. Samantha examines Chad, he’s a little warm but everything else is fine. “Been partying too much?” she teases him. “Don’t tell Tana” Chad teases back. She tells him to just rest and drink water, he’ll be fine. “You’re the best” he says and gives her a little kiss on the back of her hand. She returns the favor, but before she leaves she turns back. Something about that kiss on his hand…something about how he tastes is so good.

Tana insists that Samantha stay the night, it’s late and she just worked a long shift at the hospital. She is pretty tired, but there’s another reason she wants to stay the night. While Tana is busy watching TV, Samantha sneaks back into Chad’s room, crawling across the floor she leans in close to smell him. “What am I doing” she says to herself as she puts his fingers in her mouth. She sucks harder, he tastes amazing. She rolls he wet pierced tongue all over his fingers, slipping her own fingers into her pants to tease her now wet pussy. Chad stirs and she quickly composes herself, “hey there sleepyhead, I was just checking on you. Is there anything I can do for you?” Chad’s cock twitches “Sorry about that” he says but Samantha puts him at ease. “The comatose patients at the hospital, get SO hard. IT must be so frustrating to need release and not be able to get it. Sometimes, I think about sneaking into their room and slipping my hand under the sheets. I whisper to them. Telling them that its alright, just let yourself go and relieve all that tension. Can I release your tension?” She starts to rub his cock. “What about Tana?” “Shhhh, She doesn’t need to know. This is totally professional. Let me help you so you can rest.” Without waiting she pulls his cock out and spits on it. She strokes and sucks him. “How can one man taste like everything I’ve ever wanted?” she says as she gets more and more desperate. She apologizes for doing this, for putting him in this position but she needs it…she needs to taste him. ALL of him.

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