Mind Under Master – Samantha Hayes & Tana Lea – Down with the Sickness (Part3)

Part 3

“I think that once his illness passes, we won’t be addicted to him anymore.” Samantha says as she and Tana clean Chad’s cock.

“How long will that take?” Tana asks.

“A couple of days tops”

— One Month Later….

Chad walks into his bedroom to find his girlfriend Tana and her friend Samantha on their knees waiting to be fed. “How may we serve you master?” they ask as he enters. “Just another blowjob ladies” Chad replies and hops into bed. As they hungrily service their new master Chad feels its time to tell them the truth. “I need to tell you something, I was never really sick” he says, but they’re barely paying attention. Their sole focus on getting his cum. “I’ve actually been taking a high end drug that’s causing the addiction that you’re facing.”

They moan back in surprise, but can’t stop. “But you don’t ever care anymore do you?” They moan back ‘no’ and continue their new duties. Maybe somewhere deep down their upset, but all they’ve been able to think about for the past month is tasting Chad. Any part of him will do, but his cum is what they crave most of all.

They two of them service his cock, Tana still remaining somewhat defiant, but Samantha fully embracing her new life of submission. They both milk him until he’s ready to have them on their knees, he teases them and then makes them finish the job. The thank him for the blessing and curl up around his legs as he falls asleep.

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