Mind Under Master – Trance Therapy feat. Jayde Symz (Part 1)

Session 1: Jayde isn’t sure what she’s doing at the good doctor’s office or what it is he does, but after he explains trance therapy to her she’s willing to give it a shot. He calms her quickly. Really from the moment she stepped into his office she’s felt good. “What’s the last thing you remember before coming here?” She thinks hard, he mind flashes images of her her dancing at work. She’s a stripper and a custumer came in and showed her something on his phone. Pretty colors. She gave him a blowjob in the VIP. “Would you like to show me?” the doctor asks. She gives him a lap dance but soon wants more. She takes out his cock and blows him, looking around to make sure the bouncers don’t catch them. She begs for him to cum in her mouth. She just wants to please him. She’d never done anything like this before. After he fills her mouth with his load she remembers, it was him at the strip club. He was the one that showed her the lights. “That’s right, now I want you to come see me every week and be my personal stripper fucktoy

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