MindUnderMaster – Lana Sharapova and Paris White – Taste Vacation

The Chemist is doing some more field research with some upgrades he made to his serum when he runs into Lana Sharapova and Paris White at the hotel bar. It’s their last night in town for spring break before heading back to school and Paris is feeling frisky, Lana reluctantly joins them just to make sure her friend is safe. The Chemist brings them up to his room where he has hidden cameras set up. He makes them a drink and begins his experiment. He’s made some changes to the formula. It’s not as powerful and works on a time release so the girls don’t even realize that they are becoming addicted to his taste. The Chemist asks if he can take some pictures and the girls agree as the euphoria takes them over. Once the first wave passes, Paris wants more of his drink, but instead of filling her cup he dips his fingers into it and feds them to her. Lana looks on confused as Paris sucks at this strange man’s fingers. He offers them to her but she resists and lays down. Paris crawls after the Chemists fingers desperate to keep sucking on them, completely unaware she’s already his little junkie. He has her get down on her knees and take out his cock. Lana snaps out of her daze and says they should just talk with him…not suck his dick, but Paris can’t help herself he just tastes too good. “Get my cock nice and wet and then go give Lana a kiss” the Chemist commands and Paris obeys. Once Lana tastes the spit from his cock on her friend’s lips, she too is a junkie. They share his cock, giggling with delight at how good it is. Paris spoons up neck to the chemist, kissing him while Lana continues to worship his cock. The chemist makes Paris call him master as she promises to be a good little sex slave for him. They’re going to stay in his room all week long and he’s going to send them out to the beach to find more girls for him. Paris begs and pleads to do anything for him, anything to keep kissing and licking him. The girls both spoon up next to him kissing and licking him while they stroke his cock and he implants new desires into their minds. Soon they’re on their knees kissing his thighs begging for his cum, they’ll do anything…they’ll bring him as many girls as he wants…they just need to taste his cum. They’ll do anything for his cum.

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