Mr. Creep - Cherry Morgan - The Cursed Coitus Chain

My sister Cherry is a total slut, I know she’s banging half the football team. But for some reason she freaks out whenever I hit on her. I don’t get it, I’m a good looking guy, I know we’re related but so what? She’s on birth control, and we don’t have to tell anybody… I decided I had enough of her turning me down and calling me a pervert. I would make sure she couldn’t say no… I acquired a golden necklace from an old gypsy woman who lives on the outskirts of town. She told me it was cursed but I didn’t stick around to listen to her jibber jabber about some stupid curse. All I cared a bout was trying it out on my sister. I ran back home and put it around her neck, Cherry was just laughing at me and then in an instant she was changed! She became a mindless, obedient, sex slave, willing to do whatever I told her……

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