Christiana just got a promotion at her job and married! Her co-worker comes in to congratulate her on both with a “special blend” of coffee from her favorite place. While he toasts to her new successes, he tells her he’s going to be here for her to help and that he’s a team player. Christiana, having had a few sips of this amazing blend of coffee, starts to get a little too honest and open with her co-worker about her personal life. As she catches her slip ups, she tries to stop herself, but he encourages her to have more coffee, saying it’ll calm her down. And soon enough, it does.

The special coffe makes her more suggestible, so knowing this the guys makes her masturbate herself with a vibrator. After she finishes he masturbates her again with the vibrator and he also goes a step further, masturbating her while she gives him a blowjob. She gives him another blowjob while being down on her knees and finally the guy fucks her in several different styles (upwards, doggy style and grabbing her from the mouth)

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